Dirty water from an uncleaned tank

  1. Repairs
    Over time you may find that your rainwater tank needs some repairs. Whether your tank is broken, cracked or leaking, instead of having to call someone else we can fix most problems your rainwater tank may have.
  2. Water Saving
    By calling Rainwater Tank Cleaning we can remove the sediment without draining your tank resulting in a minimal loss of water. Tank sludge can be recycled onto your garden.
  3. Sealing
    Over time, tanks can start to deteriorate and may become brittle. This can lead to cracks and leaks forming in your tank. This is a natural process. However, to increase the longevity of your tank we can seal most crack and leaks.
  4. Servicing
    Just like a car, rainwater tanks need servicing to ensure they operate efficiently providing you with pristine water at all times. Part of our servicing includes checking gutters, strainers and pipes for possible blockages and replacing faulty parts.
  5. Cleaning
    Sediment quickly builds up in your rainwater tank if it is not cleaned every 2-3 years by a professional. Sediment can include dirt, leaves, dead animals and insects which can turn into harmful bacteria. We service all types of rainwater storage tanks.
Rain water tank cleaning sunshine coast
Rain water tank repairs sunshine coast

Before                                           After

Crystal clear water after tank has been cleaned

Water tank cleaner repairs sunshine coast

The inside of a concrete rainwater tank